Class SqlMinMaxAggFunction

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Context, Wrapper

    public class SqlMinMaxAggFunction
    extends SqlAggFunction
    Definition of the MIN and MAX aggregate functions, returning the returns the smallest/largest of the values which go into it.

    There are 3 forms:

    sum(primitive type)
    values are compared using '<'
    values are compared using Comparable.compareTo(T)
    sum(Comparator, Object)
    the, T) method of the comparator is used to compare pairs of objects. The comparator is a startup argument, and must therefore be constant for the duration of the aggregation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlMinMaxAggFunction

        public SqlMinMaxAggFunction​(SqlKind kind)
        Creates a SqlMinMaxAggFunction.
      • SqlMinMaxAggFunction

        public SqlMinMaxAggFunction​(java.util.List<RelDataType> argTypes,
                                    boolean isMin,
                                    int minMaxKind)