Class ElasticsearchRules

  • class ElasticsearchRules
    extends java.lang.Object
    Rules and relational operators for ELASTICSEARCH calling convention.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ElasticsearchRules

        private ElasticsearchRules()
    • Method Detail

      • isItemCall

        private static java.lang.String isItemCall​(RexCall call)
        Returns 'string' if it is a call to item['string'], null otherwise.
        call - current relational expression
        literal value
      • isItem

        static boolean isItem​(RexNode node)
        Checks if current node represents item access as in _MAP['foo'] or cast(_MAP['foo'] as integer)
        true if expression is item, false otherwise
      • uncast

        private static RexCall uncast​(RexCall maybeCast)
        Unwraps cast expressions from current call. cast(cast(expr)) becomes expr.
      • elasticsearchFieldNames

        static java.util.List<java.lang.String> elasticsearchFieldNames​(RelDataType rowType)
      • quote

        static java.lang.String quote​(java.lang.String s)
      • stripQuotes

        static java.lang.String stripQuotes​(java.lang.String s)