Class EnumerableTableFunctionScan

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        public EnumerableTableFunctionScan copy​(RelTraitSet traitSet,
                                                java.util.List<RelNode> inputs,
                                                RexNode rexCall,
                                                java.lang.reflect.Type elementType,
                                                RelDataType rowType,
                                                java.util.Set<RelColumnMapping> columnMappings)
        Description copied from class: TableFunctionScan
        Copies this relational expression, substituting traits and inputs.
        Specified by:
        copy in class TableFunctionScan
        traitSet - Traits
        inputs - 0 or more relational inputs
        rexCall - Function invocation expression
        elementType - Element type of the collection that will implement this table
        rowType - Row type produced by function
        columnMappings - Column mappings associated with this function
        Copy of this relational expression, substituting traits and inputs
      • isQueryable

        private boolean isQueryable()