Class FileReader

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    public class FileReader
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.lang.Iterable<>
    Scrapes HTML tables from URLs using Jsoup.
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      private static class  FileReader.FileReaderIterator
      Iterates over HTML tables, returning an Elements per row.
    • Field Summary

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      private java.nio.charset.Charset charset  
      private headings  
      private java.lang.Integer index  
      private java.lang.String selector  
      private Source source  
      private org.jsoup.nodes.Element tableElement  
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      void close()  
      private org.jsoup.nodes.Element getBestTable​(org.jsoup.nodes.Document doc)  
      (package private) getHeadings()  
      private org.jsoup.nodes.Element getSelectedTable​(org.jsoup.nodes.Document doc, java.lang.String selector)  
      private void getTable()  
      FileReader.FileReaderIterator iterator()  
      (package private) void refresh()  
      private java.lang.String tableKey()  
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