Class JdbcUtils

  • final class JdbcUtils
    extends java.lang.Object
    Utilities for the JDBC provider.
    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Class Description
      (package private) static class  JdbcUtils.DataSourcePool
      Ensures that if two data sources have the same definition, they will use the same object.
      (package private) static class  JdbcUtils.DialectPool
      Pool of dialects.
      (package private) static class  JdbcUtils.ObjectArrayRowBuilder
      Builder that calls ResultSet.getObject(int) for every column, or getXxx if the result type is a primitive xxx, and returns an array of objects for each row.
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      private JdbcUtils()  
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      • JdbcUtils

        private JdbcUtils()