Class PigFilter

    • Method Detail

      • implement

        public void implement​(PigRel.Implementor implementor)
        Description copied from interface: PigRel
        Converts this node to a Pig Latin statement.
        Specified by:
        implement in interface PigRel
      • getTable

        public RelOptTable getTable()
        Override this method so it looks down the tree to find the table this node is acting on.
        Specified by:
        getTable in interface RelNode
        getTable in class AbstractRelNode
        If this relational expression represents an access to a table, returns that table, otherwise returns null
      • getPigFilterStatement

        private java.lang.String getPigFilterStatement​(PigRel.Implementor implementor)
        Generates Pig Latin filtering statements, for example
        table = FILTER table BY score > 2.0;
      • getSingleFilterCondition

        private java.lang.String getSingleFilterCondition​(PigRel.Implementor implementor,
                                                          RexNode node)
      • getSingleFilterCondition

        private java.lang.String getSingleFilterCondition​(PigRel.Implementor implementor,
                                                          java.lang.String op,
                                                          RexCall call)
      • containsOnlyConjunctions

        private boolean containsOnlyConjunctions​(RexNode condition)
      • getLiteralAsString

        private java.lang.String getLiteralAsString​(RexLiteral literal)
        TODO: do proper literal to string conversion + escaping