Class PigJoin

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      • implement

        public void implement​(PigRel.Implementor implementor)
        Description copied from interface: PigRel
        Converts this node to a Pig Latin statement.
        Specified by:
        implement in interface PigRel
      • getTable

        public RelOptTable getTable()
        The Pig alias of the joined relation will have the same name as one from the left side of the join.
        Specified by:
        getTable in interface RelNode
        getTable in class AbstractRelNode
        If this relational expression represents an access to a table, returns that table, otherwise returns null
      • getPigJoinStatement

        private java.lang.String getPigJoinStatement​(PigRel.Implementor implementor)
        Constructs a Pig JOIN statement in the form of
         A = JOIN A BY f1 LEFT OUTER, B BY f2;
        Only supports simple equi-joins with single column on both sides of =.
      • getPigJoinType

        private java.lang.String getPigJoinType()
        Get a string representation of the type of join for use in a Pig script. Pig does not have an explicit "inner" marker, so return an empty string in this case.