Interface Compiler

    • Method Detail

      • compile

        Scalar compile​(java.util.List<RexNode> nodes,
                       RelDataType inputRowType)
        Compiles an expression to an executable form.
      • sink

        Sink sink​(RelNode rel)
        Creates a Sink for a relational expression to write into.

        This method is generally called from the constructor of a Node. But a constructor could instead call enumerable(RelNode, Enumerable).

        rel - Relational expression
      • enumerable

        void enumerable​(RelNode rel,
                        Enumerable<Row> rowEnumerable)
        Tells the interpreter that a given relational expression wishes to give its output as an enumerable.

        This is as opposed to the norm, where a relational expression calls sink(RelNode), then its method writes into that sink.

        rel - Relational expression
        rowEnumerable - Contents of relational expression
      • createContext

        Context createContext()