Class Lattice.BaseColumn

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    public static class Lattice.BaseColumn
    extends Lattice.Column
    Column in a lattice. Columns are identified by table alias and column name, and may have an additional alias that is unique within the entire lattice.
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      java.lang.String column
      Name of the column.
      java.lang.String table
      Alias of the table reference that the column belongs to.
    • Constructor Summary

      Modifier Constructor Description
      private BaseColumn​(int ordinal, java.lang.String table, java.lang.String column, java.lang.String alias)  
    • Field Detail

      • table

        public final java.lang.String table
        Alias of the table reference that the column belongs to.
      • column

        public final java.lang.String column
        Name of the column. Unique within the table reference, but not necessarily within the lattice.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseColumn

        private BaseColumn​(int ordinal,
                           java.lang.String table,
                           java.lang.String column,
                           java.lang.String alias)
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        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object
      • identifiers

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String> identifiers()
      • defaultAlias

        public java.lang.String defaultAlias()
        Description copied from class: Lattice.Column
        The alias that SQL would give to this expression.
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        defaultAlias in class Lattice.Column