Class MutableNode

  • class MutableNode
    extends java.lang.Object
    Mutable version of LatticeNode, used while a graph is being built.
    • Field Detail

      • step

        final Step step
      • startCol

        int startCol
      • endCol

        int endCol
      • alias

        java.lang.String alias
      • ORDERING

        static final<MutableNode> ORDERING
        Comparator for sorting children within a parent.
    • Method Detail

      • flatten

        void flatten​(java.util.List<MutableNode> flatNodes)
        Populates a flattened list of mutable nodes.
      • isCyclic

        boolean isCyclic()
        Returns whether this node is cylic, in an undirected sense; that is, whether the same descendant can be reached by more than one route.
      • isCyclicRecurse

        private boolean isCyclicRecurse​(java.util.Set<MutableNode> descendants)
      • addPath

        void addPath​(Path path,
                     java.lang.String alias)