Class JsonMeasure

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      java.lang.String agg
      The name of an aggregate function.
      java.lang.Object args
      Arguments to the measure.
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      void accept​(ModelHandler modelHandler)  
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    • Field Detail

      • agg

        public java.lang.String agg
        The name of an aggregate function.

        Required. Usually count, sum, min, max.

      • args

        public java.lang.Object args
        Arguments to the measure.

        Valid values are:

        • Not specified: no arguments
        • null: no arguments
        • Empty list: no arguments
        • String: single argument, the name of a lattice column
        • List: multiple arguments, each a column name

        Unlike lattice dimensions, measures can not be specified in qualified format, ["table", "column"]. When you define a lattice, make sure that each column you intend to use as a measure has a unique name within the lattice (using "AS alias" if necessary).

    • Constructor Detail

      • JsonMeasure

        public JsonMeasure()
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      • accept

        public void accept​(ModelHandler modelHandler)