Class Ast

  • public class Ast
    extends java.lang.Object
    Abstract syntax tree.

    Contains inner classes for various kinds of parse tree node.

    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Class Description
      static class  Ast.Assignment
      Abstract base class for statements that assign to a named relation.
      static class  Ast.Assignment1
      Abstract base class for an assignment with one source relation.
      static class  Ast.BagType
      Parse tree for a bag type.
      static class  Ast.Call
      Parse tree node for a call to a function or operator.
      static class  Ast.DescribeStmt
      Parse tree node for DESCRIBE statement.
      static class  Ast.Direction
      Sort direction.
      static class  Ast.DistinctStmt
      Parse tree node for DISTINCT statement.
      static class  Ast.DumpStmt
      Parse tree node for DUMP statement.
      static class  Ast.FieldSchema
      Parse tree for field schema.
      static class  Ast.FilterStmt
      Parse tree node for FILTER statement.
      static class  Ast.ForeachNestedStmt
      Parse tree node for FOREACH statement (nested).
      static class  Ast.ForeachStmt
      Parse tree node for FOREACH statement (non-nested).
      static class  Ast.GroupStmt
      Parse tree node for GROUP statement.
      static class  Ast.Identifier
      Parse tree node for Identifier.
      static class  Ast.LimitStmt
      Parse tree node for LIMIT statement.
      static class  Ast.Literal
      Parse tree node for Literal.
      static class  Ast.LoadStmt
      Parse tree node for LOAD statement.
      static class  Ast.MapType
      Parse tree for a map type.
      static class  Ast.Node
      Abstract base class for parse tree node.
      static class  Ast.NumericLiteral
      Parse tree node for NumericLiteral.
      static class  Ast.Op
      Parse tree node type.
      static class  Ast.OrderStmt
      Parse tree node for ORDER statement.
      static class  Ast.Program
      Parse tree node for a program.
      static class  Ast.ScalarType
      Parse tree for scalar type such as int.
      static class  Ast.Schema
      Parse tree for schema.
      static class  Ast.SpecialIdentifier
      Parse tree node for "*", a special kind of identifier.
      static class  Ast.Stmt
      Abstract base class for parse tree node representing a statement.
      static class  Ast.TupleType
      Parse tree for a tuple type.
      static class  Ast.Type
      Parse tree for type.
      (package private) static class  Ast.UnParser
      Contains output and indentation level while a tree of nodes is being converted to text.
      static class  Ast.ValuesStmt
      Parse tree node for VALUES statement.
    • Constructor Summary

      Modifier Constructor Description
      private Ast()  
    • Constructor Detail

      • Ast

        private Ast()