Class RelWriterImpl

    • Field Detail

      • pw

        protected final pw
      • withIdPrefix

        private final boolean withIdPrefix
      • spacer

        protected final org.apache.calcite.avatica.util.Spacer spacer
      • values

        private final java.util.List<Pair<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object>> values
    • Constructor Detail

      • RelWriterImpl

        public RelWriterImpl​( pw)
      • RelWriterImpl

        public RelWriterImpl​( pw,
                             SqlExplainLevel detailLevel,
                             boolean withIdPrefix)
    • Method Detail

      • explain_

        protected void explain_​(RelNode rel,
                                java.util.List<Pair<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object>> values)
      • explainInputs

        private void explainInputs​(java.util.List<RelNode> inputs)
      • item

        public RelWriter item​(java.lang.String term,
                              java.lang.Object value)
        Description copied from interface: RelWriter
        Adds an attribute to the explanation of the current node.
        Specified by:
        item in interface RelWriter
        term - Term for attribute, e.g. "joinType"
        value - Attribute value
      • checkInputsPresentInExplain

        private boolean checkInputsPresentInExplain​(RelNode node)
      • simple

        public java.lang.String simple()
        Converts the collected terms and values to a string. Does not write to the parent writer.