Interface BuiltInMetadata.Size

    • Method Detail

      • averageRowSize

        java.lang.Double averageRowSize()
        Determines the average size (in bytes) of a row from this relational expression.
        average size of a row, in bytes, or null if not known
      • averageColumnSizes

        java.util.List<java.lang.Double> averageColumnSizes()
        Determines the average size (in bytes) of a value of a column in this relational expression.

        Null values are included (presumably they occupy close to 0 bytes).

        It is left to the caller to decide whether the size is the compressed size, the uncompressed size, or memory allocation when the value is wrapped in an object in the Java heap. The uncompressed size is probably a good compromise.

        an immutable list containing, for each column, the average size of a column value, in bytes. Each value or the entire list may be null if the metadata is not available