Class RexTransformer

  • public class RexTransformer
    extends java.lang.Object
    Takes a tree of RexNode objects and transforms it into another in one sense equivalent tree. Nodes in tree will be modified and hence tree will not remain unchanged.

    NOTE: You must validate the tree of RexNodes before using this class.

    • Field Detail

      • isParentsCount

        private int isParentsCount
      • transformableOperators

        private final java.util.Set<SqlOperator> transformableOperators
    • Constructor Detail

    • Method Detail

      • isBoolean

        private boolean isBoolean​(RexNode node)
      • isNullable

        private boolean isNullable​(RexNode node)
      • isTransformable

        private boolean isTransformable​(RexNode node)
      • transformNullSemantics

        public RexNode transformNullSemantics()
      • transformNullSemantics

        private RexNode transformNullSemantics​(RexNode node)