Class GeoFunctions

  • public class GeoFunctions
    extends java.lang.Object
    Helper methods to implement Geo-spatial functions in generated code.

    Remaining tasks:

    • Determine type code for ExtraSqlTypes.GEOMETRY
    • Should we create aliases for functions in upper-case? Without ST_ prefix?
    • Consider adding spatial literals, e.g. `GEOMETRY 'POINT (30 10)'`
    • Integer arguments, e.g. SELECT ST_MakePoint(1, 2, 1.5), ST_MakePoint(1, 2)
    • Are GEOMETRY values comparable? If so add ORDER BY test
    • We have to add 'Z' to create 3D objects. This is inconsistent with PostGIS. Who is right? At least document the difference.
    • Should add GeometryEngine.intersects; similar to disjoint etc.
    • Make ST_MakeLine(Geom, Geom) varargs