Interface FunctionParameter

  • public interface FunctionParameter
    Parameter to a Function.

    NOTE: We'd have called it Parameter but the overlap with Parameter was too confusing.

    • Method Detail

      • getOrdinal

        int getOrdinal()
        Zero-based ordinal of this parameter within the member's parameter list.
        Parameter ordinal
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Name of the parameter.
        Parameter name
      • getType

        RelDataType getType​(RelDataTypeFactory typeFactory)
        Returns the type of this parameter.
        typeFactory - Type factory to be used to create the type
        Parameter type.
      • isOptional

        boolean isOptional()
        Returns whether this parameter is optional.

        If true, the value of the parameter can be supplied using the DEFAULT SQL keyword, or it can be omitted from a function called using argument assignment, or the function can be called with fewer parameters (if all parameters after it are optional too).

        If a parameter is optional its default value is NULL. We may in future allow functions to specify other default values.