Class SqlTypeNameSpec

    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlTypeNameSpec

        SqlTypeNameSpec​(SqlIdentifier name,
                        SqlParserPos pos)
        Creates a SqlTypeNameSpec.
        name - Name of the type.
        pos - Parser position, must not be null.
    • Method Detail

      • deriveType

        public abstract RelDataType deriveType​(SqlValidator validator)
        Derive type from this SqlTypeNameSpec.
        validator - The sql validator.
        the RelDataType instance, throws exception if we could not deduce the type.
      • unparse

        public abstract void unparse​(SqlWriter writer,
                                     int leftPrec,
                                     int rightPrec)
        Writes a SQL representation of this spec to a writer.
      • equalsDeep

        public abstract boolean equalsDeep​(SqlTypeNameSpec spec,
                                           Litmus litmus)
        Returns whether this spec is structurally equivalent to another spec.