Class SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec

  • public class SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec
    extends SqlTypeNameSpec
    A sql type name specification of user defined type.

    Usually you should register the UDT into the CalciteSchema first before referencing it in the sql statement.

    Internally we may new the SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec instance directly for some sql dialects during rel-to-sql conversion.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec

        public SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec​(SqlIdentifier typeName,
                                          SqlParserPos pos)
        Create a SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec instance.
        typeName - Type name as SQL identifier.
        pos - The parser position.
      • SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec

        public SqlUserDefinedTypeNameSpec​(java.lang.String name,
                                          SqlParserPos pos)