Class SqlLikeOperator

  • public class SqlLikeOperator
    extends SqlSpecialOperator
    An operator describing the LIKE and SIMILAR operators.

    Syntax of the two operators:

    • src-value [NOT] LIKE pattern-value [ESCAPE escape-value]
    • src-value [NOT] SIMILAR pattern-value [ESCAPE escape-value]

    NOTE If the NOT clause is present the parser will generate a equivalent to NOT (src LIKE pattern ...)

    • Field Detail

      • negated

        private final boolean negated
    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlLikeOperator

        SqlLikeOperator​(java.lang.String name,
                        SqlKind kind,
                        boolean negated)
        Creates a SqlLikeOperator.
        name - Operator name
        kind - Kind
        negated - Whether this is 'NOT LIKE'