Class SqlRegexpReplaceFunction

  • public class SqlRegexpReplaceFunction
    extends SqlFunction
    The REGEXP_REPLACE(source_string, pattern, replacement [, pos, occurrence, match_type]) searches for a regular expression pattern and replaces every occurrence of the pattern with the specified string.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlRegexpReplaceFunction

        public SqlRegexpReplaceFunction()
    • Method Detail

      • checkOperandTypes

        public boolean checkOperandTypes​(SqlCallBinding callBinding,
                                         boolean throwOnFailure)
        Description copied from class: SqlOperator
        Checks that the operand values in a SqlCall to this operator are valid. Subclasses must either override this method or supply an instance of SqlOperandTypeChecker to the constructor.
        checkOperandTypes in class SqlOperator
        callBinding - description of call
        throwOnFailure - whether to throw an exception if check fails (otherwise returns false in that case)
        whether check succeeded