Interface SqlOperandTypeChecker

    • Method Detail

      • checkOperandTypes

        boolean checkOperandTypes​(SqlCallBinding callBinding,
                                  boolean throwOnFailure)
        Checks the types of all operands to an operator call.
        callBinding - description of the call to be checked
        throwOnFailure - whether to throw an exception if check fails (otherwise returns false in that case)
        whether check succeeded
      • getOperandCountRange

        SqlOperandCountRange getOperandCountRange()
        range of operand counts allowed in a call
      • getAllowedSignatures

        java.lang.String getAllowedSignatures​(SqlOperator op,
                                              java.lang.String opName)
        Returns a string describing the allowed formal signatures of a call, e.g. "SUBSTR(VARCHAR, INTEGER, INTEGER)".
        op - the operator being checked
        opName - name to use for the operator in case of aliasing
        generated string
      • isOptional

        boolean isOptional​(int i)
        Returns whether the ith operand is optional.