Class SqlToRelConverter.Blackboard

    • Field Detail

      • nameToNodeMap

        private final java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​RexNode> nameToNodeMap
      • inputs

        private java.util.List<RelNode> inputs
      • isPatternVarRef

        private boolean isPatternVarRef
      • cursors

        final java.util.List<RelNode> cursors
      • subQueryList

        private final java.util.Set<SqlToRelConverter.SubQuery> subQueryList
        List of IN and EXISTS nodes inside this SELECT statement (but not inside sub-queries).
      • window

        SqlWindow window
        When converting window aggregate, we need to know if the window is guaranteed to be non-empty.
      • mapRootRelToFieldProjection

        private final java.util.Map<RelNode,​java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​java.lang.Integer>> mapRootRelToFieldProjection
        Project the groupby expressions out of the root of this sub-select. Sub-queries can reference group by expressions projected from the "right" to the sub-query.
      • columnMonotonicities

        private final java.util.List<SqlMonotonicity> columnMonotonicities
      • systemFieldList

        private final java.util.List<RelDataTypeField> systemFieldList
      • top

        final boolean top
    • Constructor Detail

      • Blackboard

        protected Blackboard​(SqlValidatorScope scope,
                             java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​RexNode> nameToNodeMap,
                             boolean top)
        Creates a Blackboard.
        scope - Name-resolution scope for expressions validated within this query. Can be null if this Blackboard is for a leaf node, say
        nameToNodeMap - Map which translates the expression to map a given parameter into, if translating expressions; null otherwise
        top - Whether this is the root of the query