Interface SqlToRelConverter.Config

    • Method Detail

      • isConvertTableAccess

        boolean isConvertTableAccess()
        Returns the convertTableAccess option. Controls whether table access references are converted to physical rels immediately. The optimizer doesn't like leaf rels to have Convention.NONE. However, if we are doing further conversion passes (e.g. RelStructuredTypeFlattener), then we may need to defer conversion.
      • isDecorrelationEnabled

        boolean isDecorrelationEnabled()
        Returns the decorrelationEnabled option. Controls whether to disable sub-query decorrelation when needed. e.g. if outer joins are not supported.
      • isTrimUnusedFields

        boolean isTrimUnusedFields()
        Returns the trimUnusedFields option. Controls whether to trim unused fields as part of the conversion process.
      • isCreateValuesRel

        boolean isCreateValuesRel()
        Returns the createValuesRel option. Controls whether instances of LogicalValues are generated. These may not be supported by all physical implementations.
      • isExplain

        boolean isExplain()
        Returns the explain option. Describes whether the current statement is part of an EXPLAIN PLAN statement.
      • isExpand

        boolean isExpand()
        Returns the expand option. Controls whether to expand sub-queries. If false, each sub-query becomes a RexSubQuery.