Interface SubQueryConverter

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    public interface SubQueryConverter
    SubQueryConverter provides the interface for classes that convert sub-queries into equivalent expressions.
    • Method Detail

      • canConvertSubQuery

        boolean canConvertSubQuery()
        Whether the sub-query can be converted
      • convertSubQuery

        RexNode convertSubQuery​(SqlCall subQuery,
                                SqlToRelConverter parentConverter,
                                boolean isExists,
                                boolean isExplain)
        Converts the sub-query to an equivalent expression.
        subQuery - the SqlNode tree corresponding to a sub-query
        parentConverter - sqlToRelConverter of the parent query
        isExists - whether the sub-query is part of an EXISTS expression
        isExplain - whether the sub-query is part of an EXPLAIN PLAN statement
        the equivalent expression or null if the sub-query couldn't be converted