Interface FrameworkConfig

    • Method Detail

      • getParserConfig

        SqlParser.Config getParserConfig()
        The configuration of SQL parser.
      • getDefaultSchema

        SchemaPlus getDefaultSchema()
        Returns the default schema that should be checked before looking at the root schema. Returns null to only consult the root schema.
      • getExecutor

        RexExecutor getExecutor()
        Returns the executor used to evaluate constant expressions.
      • getOperatorTable

        SqlOperatorTable getOperatorTable()
        Returns operator table that should be used to resolve functions and operators during query validation.
      • getCostFactory

        RelOptCostFactory getCostFactory()
        Returns the cost factory that should be used when creating the planner. If null, use the default cost factory for that planner.
      • getConvertletTable

        SqlRexConvertletTable getConvertletTable()
        Returns the convertlet table that should be used when converting from SQL to row expressions
      • isEvolveLattice

        boolean isEvolveLattice()
        Returns whether the lattice suggester should try to widen a lattice when a new query arrives that doesn't quite fit, as opposed to creating a new lattice.
      • getStatisticProvider

        SqlStatisticProvider getStatisticProvider()
        Returns the source of statistics about tables and columns to be used by the lattice suggester to deduce primary keys, foreign keys, and the direction of relationships.