Class ImmutableBitSet.Closure

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    private static class ImmutableBitSet.Closure
    extends java.lang.Object
    Setup equivalence Sets for each position. If i and j are equivalent then they will have the same equivalence Set. The algorithm computes the closure relation at each position for the position wrt to positions greater than it. Once a closure is computed for a position, the closure Set is set on all its descendants. So the closure computation bubbles up from lower positions and the final equivalence Set is propagated down from the lowest element in the Set.
    • Field Detail

      • equivalence

        private java.util.SortedMap<java.lang.Integer,​ImmutableBitSet> equivalence
      • closure

        private final java.util.SortedMap<java.lang.Integer,​ImmutableBitSet> closure
    • Constructor Detail

      • Closure

        Closure​(java.util.SortedMap<java.lang.Integer,​ImmutableBitSet> equivalence)