Interface SaffronProperties

  • @Deprecated
    public interface SaffronProperties
    As of release 1.19, replaced by CalciteSystemProperty
    Provides an environment for debugging information, et cetera, used by saffron.

    It is a singleton, accessed via the INSTANCE object. It is populated from System properties if saffron is invoked via a main() method, from a javax.servlet.ServletContext if saffron is invoked from a servlet, and so forth. If there is a file called "" in the current directory, it is read too.

    Every property used in saffron code must have a method in this interface. The method must return a sub-class of Resources.Prop. The javadoc comment must describe the name of the property (for example, "net.sf.saffron.connection.PoolSize") and the default value, if any. Developers, please make sure that this remains so!