Interface AggResultContext

All Superinterfaces:
AggResetContext, NestedBlockBuilder
All Known Subinterfaces:
AggAddContext, WinAggAddContext, WinAggResultContext
All Known Implementing Classes:
AggAddContextImpl, AggResultContextImpl, WinAggAddContextImpl, WinAggResultContextImpl

public interface AggResultContext extends NestedBlockBuilder, AggResetContext
Information for a call to AggImplementor.implementResult(AggContext, AggResultContext)

Typically, the aggregation implementation will convert AggResetContext.accumulator() to the resulting value of the aggregation. The implementation MUST NOT destroy the contents of AggResetContext.accumulator().

  • Method Details

    • key

      @Nullable Expression key()
      Expression by which to reference the key upon which the values in the accumulator were aggregated. Most aggregate functions depend on only the accumulator, but quasi-aggregate functions such as GROUPING access at the key.
    • keyField

      Expression keyField(int i)
      Returns an expression that references the ith field of the key, cast to the appropriate type.
    • call

      Returns the aggregate call.
    • resultTranslator

      RexToLixTranslator resultTranslator()
      Returns a RexToLixTranslator suitable to transform the result.