Interface WinAggImplementor

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All Known Implementing Classes:
RexImpTable.LagImplementor, RexImpTable.LeadImplementor, StrictWinAggImplementor

public interface WinAggImplementor extends AggImplementor
Implements a windowed aggregate function by generating expressions to initialize, add to, and get a result from, an accumulator. Windowed aggregate is more powerful than regular aggregate since it can access rows in the current partition by row indices. Regular aggregate can be used to implement windowed aggregate.

This interface does not define new methods: window-specific sub-interfaces are passed when implementing window aggregate.

See Also:
  • StrictWinAggImplementor
  • RexImpTable.FirstLastValueImplementor
  • RexImpTable.RankImplementor
  • RexImpTable.RowNumberImplementor
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