Interface JavaTypeFactory

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JavaTypeFactoryExtImpl, JavaTypeFactoryImpl

public interface JavaTypeFactory extends RelDataTypeFactory
Type factory that can register Java classes as record types.
  • Method Details

    • createStructType

      RelDataType createStructType(Class clazz)
      Creates a record type based upon the public fields of a Java class.
      clazz - Java class
      Record type that remembers its Java class
    • createType

      RelDataType createType(Type type)
      Creates a type, deducing whether a record, scalar or primitive type is needed.
      type - Java type, such as a Class
      Record or scalar type
    • getJavaClass

      Type getJavaClass(RelDataType type)
    • createSyntheticType

      Type createSyntheticType(List<Type> types)
      Creates a synthetic Java class whose fields have the given Java types.
    • toSql

      RelDataType toSql(RelDataType type)
      Converts a type in Java format to a SQL-oriented type.