Class LatticeSuggester


public class LatticeSuggester extends Object
Algorithm that suggests a set of lattices.
  • Constructor Details

    • LatticeSuggester

      public LatticeSuggester(FrameworkConfig config)
      Creates a LatticeSuggester.
  • Method Details

    • getLatticeSet

      public Set<Lattice> getLatticeSet()
      Returns the minimal set of lattices necessary to cover all of the queries seen. Any lattices that are subsumed by other lattices are not included.
    • toRex

      public RexNode toRex(LatticeTable table, int column)
      Converts a column reference to an expression.
    • addQuery

      public List<Lattice> addQuery(RelNode r)
      Adds a query.

      It may fit within an existing lattice (or lattices). Or it may need a new lattice, or an extension to an existing lattice.

      r - Relational expression for a query
      A list of join graphs: usually 1; more if the query contains a cartesian product; zero if the query graph is cyclic