Class Profiler.Distribution

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public static class Profiler.Distribution extends Object implements Profiler.Statistic
Value distribution, including cardinality and optionally values, of a column or set of columns. If the set of columns is empty, it describes the number of rows in the entire data set.
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      public Distribution(SortedSet<Profiler.Column> columns, @Nullable SortedSet<Comparable> values, double cardinality, int nullCount, double expectedCardinality, boolean minimal)
      Creates a Distribution.
      columns - Column or columns being described
      values - Values of columns, or null if there are too many
      cardinality - Number of distinct values
      nullCount - Number of rows where this column had a null value;
      expectedCardinality - Expected cardinality
      minimal - Whether the distribution is not implied by a unique or functional dependency
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