Interface RelFactories.JoinFactory

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public static interface RelFactories.JoinFactory
Can create a join of the appropriate type for a rule's calling convention.

The result is typically a Join.

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    • createJoin

      RelNode createJoin(RelNode left, RelNode right, List<RelHint> hints, RexNode condition, Set<CorrelationId> variablesSet, JoinRelType joinType, boolean semiJoinDone)
      Creates a join.
      left - Left input
      right - Right input
      hints - Hints
      condition - Join condition
      variablesSet - Set of variables that are set by the LHS and used by the RHS and are not available to nodes above this LogicalJoin in the tree
      joinType - Join type
      semiJoinDone - Whether this join has been translated to a semi-join