Class RelColumnOrigin


public class RelColumnOrigin extends Object
RelColumnOrigin is a data structure describing one of the origins of an output column produced by a relational expression.
  • Constructor Details

    • RelColumnOrigin

      public RelColumnOrigin(RelOptTable originTable, int iOriginColumn, boolean isDerived)
  • Method Details

    • getOriginTable

      public RelOptTable getOriginTable()
      Returns table of origin.
    • getOriginColumnOrdinal

      public int getOriginColumnOrdinal()
      Returns the 0-based index of column in origin table; whether this ordinal is flattened or unflattened depends on whether UDT flattening has already been performed on the relational expression which produced this description.
    • isDerived

      public boolean isDerived()
      Consider the query select a+b as c, d as e from t. The output column c has two origins (a and b), both of them derived. The output column e has one origin (d), which is not derived.
      false if value taken directly from column in origin table; true otherwise
    • equals

      public boolean equals(@Nullable Object obj)
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    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
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