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public interface RelDataTypeField extends Map.Entry<String,RelDataType>
RelDataTypeField represents the definition of a field in a structured RelDataType.

Extends the Map.Entry interface to allow convenient inter-operation with Java collections classes. In any implementation of this interface, Map.Entry.getKey() must be equivalent to getName() and Map.Entry.getValue() must be equivalent to getType().

  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      Gets the name of this field, which is unique within its containing type.
      field name
    • getIndex

      int getIndex()
      Gets the ordinal of this field within its containing type.
      0-based ordinal
    • getType

      RelDataType getType()
      Gets the type of this field.
      field type
    • isDynamicStar

      boolean isDynamicStar()
      Returns true if this is a dynamic star field.