Class RexUtil.RexFinder

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public abstract static class RexUtil.RexFinder extends RexVisitorImpl<Void>
Visitor that tells whether a node matching a particular description exists in a tree.
  • Method Details

    • inProject

      public boolean inProject(Project project)
      Returns whether a Project contains the kind of expression we seek.
    • inFilter

      public boolean inFilter(Filter filter)
      Returns whether a Filter contains the kind of expression we seek.
    • inJoin

      public boolean inJoin(Join join)
      Returns whether a Join contains kind of expression we seek.
    • contains

      public boolean contains(RexNode node)
      Returns whether the given expression contains what this RexFinder seeks.
    • anyContain

      public boolean anyContain(Iterable<? extends RexNode> nodes)
      Returns whether any of the given expressions contain what this RexFinder seeks.