Class SocketFactoryImpl


public class SocketFactoryImpl extends SocketFactory
Extends the SocketFactory object with the main functionality being that the created sockets inherit a set of options whose values are set in the SocketFactoryImpl.
 1.  SO_KEEPALIVE          - is keepalive enabled?
 2.  OOBINLINE             - is out of band in-line enabled?
 3.  SO_REUSEADDR          - should the address be reused?
 4.  TCP_NODELAY           - should data buffering for tcp be used?
 5.  SO_RCVBUF             - size of receive buffer
 6.  SO_SNDBUF             - size of send buffer
 7.  SO_TIMEOUT            - read timeout (millisecs)
 8.  SO_CONNECT_TIMEOUT    - connect timeout (millisecs)
 9.  SO_LINGER             - is lingering enabled?
 10. LINGER                - amount of time to linger (seconds)