Class JethroDataSqlDialect


public class JethroDataSqlDialect extends SqlDialect
A SqlDialect implementation for the JethroData database.
  • Constructor Details

    • JethroDataSqlDialect

      public JethroDataSqlDialect(SqlDialect.Context context)
      Creates a JethroDataSqlDialect.
  • Method Details

    • supportsCharSet

      public boolean supportsCharSet()
      Description copied from class: SqlDialect
      Returns whether the dialect supports character set names as part of a data type, for instance VARCHAR(30) CHARACTER SET `ISO-8859-1`.
      supportsCharSet in class SqlDialect
    • emulateNullDirection

      public @Nullable SqlNode emulateNullDirection(SqlNode node, boolean nullsFirst, boolean desc)
      Description copied from class: SqlDialect
      Returns the SqlNode for emulating the null direction for the given field or null if no emulation needs to be done.
      emulateNullDirection in class SqlDialect
      node - The SqlNode representing the expression
      nullsFirst - Whether nulls should come first
      desc - Whether the sort direction is RelFieldCollation.Direction.DESCENDING or RelFieldCollation.Direction.STRICTLY_DESCENDING
      A SqlNode for null direction emulation or null if not required
    • supportsAggregateFunction

      public boolean supportsAggregateFunction(SqlKind kind)
      supportsAggregateFunction in class SqlDialect
    • supportsFunction

      public boolean supportsFunction(SqlOperator operator, RelDataType type, List<RelDataType> paramTypes)
      Description copied from class: SqlDialect
      Returns whether this dialect supports a given function or operator. It only applies to built-in scalar functions and operators, since user-defined functions and procedures should be read by JdbcSchema.
      supportsFunction in class SqlDialect
    • supportsOffsetFetch

      public boolean supportsOffsetFetch()
      Description copied from class: SqlDialect
      Returns whether the dialect supports OFFSET/FETCH clauses introduced by SQL:2008, for instance OFFSET 10 ROWS FETCH NEXT 20 ROWS ONLY. If false, we assume that the dialect supports the alternative syntax LIMIT 20 OFFSET 10.
      supportsOffsetFetch in class SqlDialect
    • supportsNestedAggregations

      public boolean supportsNestedAggregations()
      Description copied from class: SqlDialect
      Returns whether the dialect supports nested aggregations, for instance SELECT SUM(SUM(1)) .
      supportsNestedAggregations in class SqlDialect
    • createCache

      public static JethroDataSqlDialect.JethroInfoCache createCache()