Class SqlJsonQueryFunction

public class SqlJsonQueryFunction extends SqlFunction
The JSON_QUERY function.
  • Constructor Details

    • SqlJsonQueryFunction

      public SqlJsonQueryFunction()
  • Method Details

    • getSignatureTemplate

      public @Nullable String getSignatureTemplate(int operandsCount)
      Description copied from class: SqlOperator
      Returns a template describing how the operator signature is to be built. E.g for the binary + operator the template looks like "{1} {0} {2}" {0} is the operator, subsequent numbers are operands.
      getSignatureTemplate in class SqlOperator
      operandsCount - is used with functions that can take a variable number of operands
      signature template, or null to indicate that a default template will suffice
    • unparse

      public void unparse(SqlWriter writer, SqlCall call, int leftPrec, int rightPrec)
      Description copied from class: SqlOperator
      Writes a SQL representation of a call to this operator to a writer, including parentheses if the operators on either side are of greater precedence.

      The default implementation of this method delegates to SqlSyntax.unparse(org.apache.calcite.sql.SqlWriter, org.apache.calcite.sql.SqlOperator, org.apache.calcite.sql.SqlCall, int, int).

      unparse in class SqlFunction
    • createCall

      public SqlCall createCall(@Nullable SqlLiteral functionQualifier, SqlParserPos pos, @Nullable SqlNode... operands)
      Description copied from class: SqlOperator
      Creates a call to this operator with an array of operands.

      The position of the resulting call is the union of the pos and the positions of all of the operands.

      createCall in class SqlOperator
      functionQualifier - Function qualifier (e.g. "DISTINCT"), or null
      pos - Parser position of the identifier of the call
      operands - Array of operands