Class SqlMapValueConstructor

public class SqlMapValueConstructor extends SqlMultisetValueConstructor
Definition of the MAP constructor, MAP [<key>, <value>, ...].

This is an extension to standard SQL.

  • Constructor Details

    • SqlMapValueConstructor

      public SqlMapValueConstructor()
  • Method Details

    • inferReturnType

      public RelDataType inferReturnType(SqlOperatorBinding opBinding)
      Description copied from class: SqlOperator
      Infers the return type of an invocation of this operator; only called after the number and types of operands have already been validated. Subclasses must either override this method or supply an instance of SqlReturnTypeInference to the constructor.
      inferReturnType in class SqlMultisetValueConstructor
      opBinding - description of invocation (not necessarily a SqlCall)
      inferred return type
    • checkOperandTypes

      public boolean checkOperandTypes(SqlCallBinding callBinding, boolean throwOnFailure)
      Description copied from class: SqlOperator
      Checks that the operand values in a SqlCall to this operator are valid. Subclasses must either override this method or supply an instance of SqlOperandTypeChecker to the constructor.
      checkOperandTypes in class SqlMultisetValueConstructor
      callBinding - description of call
      throwOnFailure - whether to throw an exception if check fails (otherwise returns false in that case)
      whether check succeeded