Class AggregatingSelectScope.Resolved

Enclosing class:

public static class AggregatingSelectScope.Resolved extends Object
Information about an aggregating scope that can only be determined after validation has occurred. Therefore it cannot be populated when the scope is created.
  • Field Details

    • extraExprList

      public final<SqlNode> extraExprList
    • measureExprList

      public final<SqlNode> measureExprList
    • groupExprList

      public final<SqlNode> groupExprList
    • groupSet

      public final ImmutableBitSet groupSet
    • groupSets

      public final<ImmutableBitSet> groupSets
    • groupExprProjection

      public final Map<Integer,Integer> groupExprProjection
  • Method Details

    • isNullable

      public boolean isNullable(int i)
      Returns whether a field should be nullable due to grouping sets.
    • isGroupingExpr

      public boolean isGroupingExpr(SqlNode operand)
      Returns whether a given expression is equal to one of the grouping expressions. Determines whether it is valid as an operand to GROUPING.
    • lookupGroupingExpr

      public int lookupGroupingExpr(SqlNode operand)