Interface SqlRexContext

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public interface SqlRexContext
Contains the context necessary for a SqlRexConvertlet to convert a SqlNode expression into a RexNode.
  • Method Details

    • convertExpression

      RexNode convertExpression(SqlNode expr)
      Converts an expression from SqlNode to RexNode format.
      expr - Expression to translate
      Converted expression
    • getGroupCount

      int getGroupCount()
      If the operator call occurs in an aggregate query, returns the number of columns in the GROUP BY clause. For example, for "SELECT count(*) FROM emp GROUP BY deptno, gender", returns 2. If the operator call occurs in window aggregate query, then returns 1 if the window is guaranteed to be non-empty, or 0 if the window might be empty.

      Returns 0 if the query is implicitly "GROUP BY ()" because of an aggregate expression. For example, "SELECT sum(sal) FROM emp".

      Returns -1 if the query is not an aggregate query.

      0 if the query is implicitly GROUP BY (), -1 if the query is not and aggregate query
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    • getRexBuilder

      RexBuilder getRexBuilder()
      Returns the RexBuilder to use to create RexNode objects.
    • getSubQueryExpr

      RexRangeRef getSubQueryExpr(SqlCall call)
      Returns the expression used to access a given IN or EXISTS sub-query.
      call - IN or EXISTS expression
      Expression used to access current row of sub-query
    • getTypeFactory

      RelDataTypeFactory getTypeFactory()
      Returns the type factory.
    • getInitializerExpressionFactory

      InitializerExpressionFactory getInitializerExpressionFactory()
      Returns the factory which supplies default values for INSERT, UPDATE, and NEW.
    • getValidator

      SqlValidator getValidator()
      Returns the validator.
    • convertLiteral

      RexNode convertLiteral(SqlLiteral literal)
      Converts a literal.