Class Fixtures


public class Fixtures extends Object
Fluent test fixtures for typical Calcite tests (parser, validator, sql-to-rel and rel-rules) that can easily be used in dependent projects.
  • Method Details

    • forParser

      public static SqlParserFixture forParser()
      Creates a fixture for parser tests.
    • forValidator

      public static SqlValidatorFixture forValidator()
      Creates a fixture for validation tests.
    • forSqlToRel

      public static SqlToRelFixture forSqlToRel()
      Creates a fixture for SQL-to-Rel tests.
    • forRules

      public static RelOptFixture forRules()
      Creates a fixture for rule tests.
    • forOperators

      public static SqlOperatorFixture forOperators(boolean execute)
      Creates a fixture for operator tests.
    • forMetadata

      public static RelMetadataFixture forMetadata()
      Creates a fixture for metadata tests.