Class CatchallSchema.EveryType

Enclosing class:

public static class CatchallSchema.EveryType extends Object
Record that has a field of every interesting type.
  • Field Details

    • primitiveBoolean

      public final boolean primitiveBoolean
    • primitiveByte

      public final byte primitiveByte
    • primitiveChar

      public final char primitiveChar
    • primitiveShort

      public final short primitiveShort
    • primitiveInt

      public final int primitiveInt
    • primitiveLong

      public final long primitiveLong
    • primitiveFloat

      public final float primitiveFloat
    • primitiveDouble

      public final double primitiveDouble
    • wrapperBoolean

      public final Boolean wrapperBoolean
    • wrapperByte

      public final Byte wrapperByte
    • wrapperCharacter

      public final Character wrapperCharacter
    • wrapperShort

      public final Short wrapperShort
    • wrapperInteger

      public final Integer wrapperInteger
    • wrapperLong

      public final Long wrapperLong
    • wrapperFloat

      public final Float wrapperFloat
    • wrapperDouble

      public final Double wrapperDouble
    • sqlDate

      public final Date sqlDate
    • sqlTime

      public final Time sqlTime
    • sqlTimestamp

      public final Timestamp sqlTimestamp
    • utilDate

      public final Date utilDate
    • string

      public final String string
    • bigDecimal

      public final BigDecimal bigDecimal
  • Constructor Details

    • EveryType

      public EveryType(boolean primitiveBoolean, byte primitiveByte, char primitiveChar, short primitiveShort, int primitiveInt, long primitiveLong, float primitiveFloat, double primitiveDouble, Boolean wrapperBoolean, Byte wrapperByte, Character wrapperCharacter, Short wrapperShort, Integer wrapperInteger, Long wrapperLong, Float wrapperFloat, Double wrapperDouble, Date sqlDate, Time sqlTime, Timestamp sqlTimestamp, Date utilDate, String string, BigDecimal bigDecimal)
  • Method Details