Class ArrayTableTest

  • public class ArrayTableTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    Unit test for ArrayTable and ColumnLoader.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArrayTableTest

        public ArrayTableTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testPrimitiveArray

        public void testPrimitiveArray()
      • testNextPowerOf2

        public void testNextPowerOf2()
      • testLog2

        public void testLog2()
      • testValueSetInt

        public void testValueSetInt()
      • testValueSetBoolean

        public void testValueSetBoolean()
      • testValueSetZero

        public void testValueSetZero()
      • testStrings

        public void testStrings()
      • testAllNull

        public void testAllNull()
      • testOneValueOneNull

        public void testOneValueOneNull()
      • testLoadSorted

        public void testLoadSorted()
      • testLoadSorted2

        public void testLoadSorted2()
        As testLoadSorted() but column #1 is the unique column, not column #0. The algorithm needs to go back and permute the values of column #0 after it discovers that column #1 is unique and sorts by it.
      • checkColumn

        private void checkColumn​(org.apache.calcite.adapter.clone.ArrayTable.Column x,
                                 org.apache.calcite.adapter.clone.ArrayTable.RepresentationType expectedRepresentationType,
                                 java.lang.String expectedString)