Class Projection2Test

  • public class Projection2Test
    extends java.lang.Object
    Checks renaming of fields (also upper, lower cases) during projections
    • Constructor Detail

      • Projection2Test

        public Projection2Test()
    • Method Detail

      • setupInstance

        public static void setupInstance()
                                  throws java.lang.Exception
      • projection

        public void projection()
      • projection2

        public void projection2()
      • projection3

        public void projection3()
      • projectionWithIdField

        public void projectionWithIdField()
        Test that _id field is available when queried explicitly.
        See Also:
        ID Field
      • simpleProjectionNoScripting

        public void simpleProjectionNoScripting()
        Avoid using scripting for simple projections

        When projecting simple fields (without expression) no scripting should be used just _source

      • regexMatch

        private static java.util.function.Consumer<java.sql.ResultSet> regexMatch​(java.lang.String... lines)
        Allows values to contain regular expressions instead of exact values.
              key1=foo1; key2=\\w+; key4=\\d{3,4}
        lines - lines with regexp
        consumer to be used in CalciteAssert.AssertQuery