Class CollationConversionTest.SingleNodeRule

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    private class CollationConversionTest.SingleNodeRule
    extends org.apache.calcite.plan.RelOptRule
    Converts a NoneSingleRel to RootSingleRel.
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        description, operands, relBuilderFactory
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      org.apache.calcite.plan.Convention getOutConvention()  
      void onMatch​(org.apache.calcite.plan.RelOptRuleCall call)  
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      • SingleNodeRule

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      • getOutConvention

        public org.apache.calcite.plan.Convention getOutConvention()
        getOutConvention in class org.apache.calcite.plan.RelOptRule
      • onMatch

        public void onMatch​(org.apache.calcite.plan.RelOptRuleCall call)
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        onMatch in class org.apache.calcite.plan.RelOptRule