Class VolcanoPlannerTraitTest

  • public class VolcanoPlannerTraitTest
    extends java.lang.Object
    Unit test for handling of traits by VolcanoPlanner.
    • Field Detail


        private static final org.apache.calcite.plan.Convention PHYS_CALLING_CONVENTION
        Private calling convention representing a generic "physical" calling convention.
      • altTraitOrdinal

        private static int altTraitOrdinal
        Ordinal count for alternate traits (so they can implement equals() and avoid being canonized into the same trait).
    • Constructor Detail

      • VolcanoPlannerTraitTest

        public VolcanoPlannerTraitTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testDoubleConversion

        public void testDoubleConversion()
      • testRuleMatchAfterConversion

        public void testRuleMatchAfterConversion()
      • testTraitPropagation

        public void testTraitPropagation()
      • testPlanWithNoneConvention

        public void testPlanWithNoneConvention()