Class SqlOperatorBaseTest.ValueOrExceptionResultChecker

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    private static class SqlOperatorBaseTest.ValueOrExceptionResultChecker
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements SqlTester.ResultChecker
    Result checker that considers a test to have succeeded if it returns a particular value or throws an exception that matches one of a list of patterns.

    Sounds peculiar, but is necessary when eager and lazy behaviors are both valid.

    • Field Summary

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      private java.lang.Object expected  
      private java.util.regex.Pattern[] patterns  
    • Constructor Summary

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      ValueOrExceptionResultChecker​(java.lang.Object expected, java.util.regex.Pattern... patterns)  
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      void checkResult​(java.sql.ResultSet result)  
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    • Field Detail

      • expected

        private final java.lang.Object expected
      • patterns

        private final java.util.regex.Pattern[] patterns
    • Constructor Detail

      • ValueOrExceptionResultChecker

        ValueOrExceptionResultChecker​(java.lang.Object expected,
                                      java.util.regex.Pattern... patterns)
    • Method Detail

      • checkResult

        public void checkResult​(java.sql.ResultSet result)
                         throws java.lang.Exception
        Specified by:
        checkResult in interface SqlTester.ResultChecker